Apparatu has been developing experimental applications and processess for Dekton during the past 3 years, an ultracompact surface composed of a mixture of inorganic raw materials used to manufacture ceramic, quartz and glass.

For this new Dekton project, Xavier Mañosa is creating a collection of pieces developed in the Apparatu workshop, a collection of table and kitchenware, furniture pieces and even a kitchen itself. The project offers the tangible idea of uniting both production processes through one material.

With Dektonclay we propose the idea of the Kitchen, without trying to be innovative in this field, we are attracted by the idea of using the same material in every part of the kitchen. The ovens, the kitchen top, the structure and the handles are created with Dekton, modeling, pressing, extruding, and firing, pushing the malleabilities of the material in different artisanal processes, all together with the easy but decisive strength of the fire coming from the stove.