Bestué & Monzó with the Mañosa’s

David Bestué (Barcelona, 1980) i Marc Monzó (Barcelona, 1973), artist and jeweler respectivally, present the result of a fascinating joint-project in the world of the object. After months of reflection over their respective trades, the two creators turned to a sphere unknown to both of them, the ceramic world. Over the course of a year, each Friday they met at the Apparatu workshop and after countless attempts they found their focus in certain lines of work and treatments of the material. On the one hand, the analytic work of Marco Monzó paid respect to the the culture of teiles by creating a playful version around the vases. On the other hand, David Bestue’s more organic structures employ the technique of “Churrismo”, where he seeks out the limit of the legs of a series of tables.

From this approximation, Apparatu have established a dialogue over their capacities and incapacities twoards the material, limited only by imagination.